“I can’t say enough good things about Brain Wellness Center and all their staff! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable, and they were able to explain everything to me I’m simple layman’s terms. It was a huge help and a lot less intimidating to understand the testing and treatment process and exactly how it all worked. I went to Brain Wellness for help with my ADHD, I had been taking Ritalin for it but it seemed to be helping less and less and school was becoming a major struggle. They ran a brain map on me and Dr. Hashemian determined where things were going wrong in my brain and why it made focusing so hard. He recommended nuerofeedback, which basically retrains your brainwaves to stay in the correct pattern to stay focused. It took a couple weeks of treatments before I noticed a difference in my ability to focus, but after a few more weeks the changes were very apparent. I feel like a different person, I just wish I had gone sooner!”

Jason J.

“I have struggled with depression my whole life, and for those who also suffer from it, you know It not only affects you, but everyone around you. I had tried multiple medications, but they either weren’t effective or the side effects caused more harm than the benefit the medication brought. In researching alternative options, I came upon TMS as a noninvasive and non-medication based solution that showed lasting results. I was nervous to try something new, but Dr. Hashemian and his staff were amazing. The initial intake was easy with an actual mapping of my brainwaves. We discussed treatment options and determined that TMS would be useful. The treatments were simple, quick, and pain free. I went for a total of 8 weeks and my life has improved to levels I hadn’t thought possible. If you have any doubts, please give yourself a chance and talk to Dr. Hashemian.”

Leonard S.

“Brain Wellness Center changed my life from the beginning. At first I was skeptical just like you all probably are, saying that this procedure would have a decrease or a complete recovery from depression which at the time seemed very difficult. I decided to give it a try because I had tried everything else, this would be my last resort as commonly said. Between antidepressants, therapies and psychiatrists I couldn’t see a dramatic change. The procedure started and within a week the changes were noticeable, family and friends started to realize that I seemed happier, and so did I. The irritability was suddenly going away, I started giggling again.. I was starting to get back to the bubbly girl I was. As exciting as that might of been, I had noticed an excessive day time sleepiness and thought was a side effect. Well, it wasn’t. They were patient enough to explain that there had to be other factors involved, Dr. Hashemian, the person responsible for the facility ordered a vitamin deficiency test along with a sleep apena study. If it hadn’t been for that I wouldn’t found out that I was both deficient in vitamins and had sleep apnea. Its like I had all of it discovered at once, this place really is a WELLNESS center. Throughout the treatment, I only felt better and better, before I knew it depression was gone! I will never thank them enough for giving me my motivation, my health and mostly my life back.”

Gianella A.

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